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Stanley E. Smith Company has been owned and operated by the same family since
1968. For 35 years we have been the master east coast distributor for Jarvis and
Jarvis Casters. No one has a larger or more comprehensive stock of the Jarvis and
Jarvis line on hand. We supply Jarvis and Jarvis casters to many, if not most, of the
many retailers and wholesalers around the country. If you buy Jarvis and Jarvis casters
from someone else, there is a good chance that they were originally shipped from our

Most companies that sell casters also sell many other material handling products, from
hand trucks and pallet trucks, to storage racking and conveyor systems. All we sell are
casters and wheels. All we have ever sold are casters and wheels. This means that our
sales staff has concentrated and extensive expertise with a relatively narrow range of
products. We do not know a little about a lot of material handling products; we know a
whole lot about casters and wheels. Our sales staff of three has over 120 years of
cumulative expertise. What we do better than anyone else is the diagnosis of problems
and then the proscription of solutions. We quickly resolve our customers problems,
proscribe just the right casters or wheels to meet their needs, deliver them in a timely
manner, and charge a fair and competitive price.

We stock thousands upon thousands of casters and wheels. This web site only contains
a portion of the items we offer. If you do not find exactly what you need, please do not
hesitate to give us a call. Anything that we do not have in stock immediately, we can
source in short order, and sell at a very competitive price.